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  • High quality: The pot lid knob is made of stainless steel and fits tightly on cookware lids. With its precise screws, it is the strong and firm grip.

  • Quantity of this package: A total of 6 pieces of stainless steel pot lid handles meet your different requirements. With a secure and large grip, you can easily grab the lid.

  • Convenient Design: This pot lid knob has a firm and wide grip. With the lid button you can easily remove the pot lids. This lid button prevents your hands from getting scalded.

  • Easy to clean: all you need to do is wipe the oil stains in replacement lid buttons with a damp cloth or rinse directly with water. This lid button is corrosion-resistant.

  • Wide applications: The lid knob is suitable for many types of lid lids for cookware pots, kettle, oil pot, frying pan, pot lid, pan lid, casserole glass lid. Simply put the lid back on the button and you can save your favorite and functional lid.

  • Description:
    Use it as a replacement for your old or broken lid knob to protect your hands from being scalded by the hot lid.

    1. Unique appearance, very easy and convenient to grip, you can easily grip the lid, and it could prevent the hot lids from burning your hands.
    2. Ergonomically shaped knob for a comfortable and easy grip.
    3. Easy to clean by wiping oils with a damp cloth.
    4. The handle of the lid is suitable for a wide range of cookware pot lids such as frying pan, pot lid, pot lid, etc. and easy to install.

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Couleur: Silver
    Diameter: 5 Cm / 1.97 Inch
    Hand-Carried Width: About 6 Cm / 2.36 Inch
    Hand-Carried Height: About 3.8 Cm / 1.5 Inch

    Scope Of Delivery:
    6 * Pot Lid Knob

    6 pcs Bouton de Couvercle Rechange Acier Inoxydable Bouton de Couvercles Casserole Poêle Résistant À La Chaleur pour marmite bouilloire pot d'huile poêle frire couvercle casserole couvercle casserole - B095L9M852K